Loin Girding

Battles take many forms, from the bloody and muddy fields of hand to hand combat through to the air conditioned and be-wigged court rooms of legal wrangling.  And tomorrow we take our parts in the dance that is a Public Inquiry into the refusal of permission to flood my village with an unsustainable number of houses.

I guess before we reach the end of this post someone is going to yell NIMBY.  That’s ok.  It is the knee-jerk reaction to anyone who doesn’t wish to see their landscape and community reduced to profit centres for large corporates, or speak out against governments wishing to build bigger faster railways through ever scarcer ancient woodland.

How we relate to and interact with our environment defines us.  Those who seek dominion over that which surrounds them reduce each landscape, each creature, to little more than items on a balance sheet.  That another field is tarmac’d over, that a viewpoint loses it’s green outlook for one of bland brick and tile, that a small river is no longer allowed to flood a green corner but has to be contained in overspill bunds means little to the person happy to sit a little longer in affluent four wheel air conditioned hifi comfort, in the traffic congestion a small B-road is unable to flow away.  But I see the hill, and the stream, and the field, and the vole, and the kestrel.

Tomorrow the Public Inquiry starts.  I will be there representing the village and the villagers, who went to great lengths to assess and identify their community need for a handful of affordable homes, with the thought that Localism means something. The battle will be between the county and the developer, and until called to speak I’ll sit and witness as they debate the housing land supply and exchange legal hand grenades and seek points of procedure.

In the great scheme of things a hundred or so new houses isn’t going to change their world, but an increase in the size of the village of nearly fifteen percent without any thought to shops, schools, doctors, dentists, employment, flooding, traffic, recreation amenity… Someone said development has to be sustainable, but as far as I can tell nobody has yet decided what sustainable actually means.  And that’s quite scary.



4 responses to “Loin Girding”

  1. Here here! And good luck. 🙂


  2. Best of luck. None of this is about what’s needed, for communities, or even for the country as a whole, it’s not like you’re turning down something that is needed by everyone. It’s just developer greed, and it will only serve the already affluent few. If it goes through, you’d get the government definition of a few affordable houses – a percentage of the average house price that is still a bloody long way from affordable for anyone on an average income or lower. Give the bastards hell.


  3. Good luck on your fight & make the village proud, and of course try and make them look like the greedy people they are.They say we need X amount of housing, but some people do not want there own home,as they do not want to save up ( which is very hard) or go without things to get a deposit together, they expect council to house them ( which requires no effort on there part) and gives them a better life style( and yes I do know several people like that).Nothing comes free, its hard work that pays off,And some people are happy to rent , I wonder how many have asked the X amount what they would like.


  4. Well, day one was all about the county’s five year housing supply and nothing to do with the village or the development whatsoever… this truly is a battle of the big boys, and perhaps the children will be allowed to have a say later. I guess if the county fail to establish their alleged supply there are a lot of developers out there eager to circumvent the system and plant profitable but wholly inappropriate concrete blocks all over the place.


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