Blood Sacrifice

It is beyond frustrating that I haven’t donated Blood in nearly two years. I attended a session by appointment last week but they were so behind that the predicted wait was an additional two hours; time I didn’t have. There are always other sessions, a handful of miles away, but time comes into play there, and convenience, and other priorities, and the thing has just got away from me.

They removed my village collection when they removed the blood buses. Previous to the bus they used the village hall, but one child tossing gravel though an open window stopped all that. Irritating and possibly dangerous, yes, but it was one incident and they never came back. I spent a long time on the phone with the regional director trying to solve that one. Now, all the donors in my village compete with those in the village next door for space in their sessions, and it’s utter madness.

GIVE BLOODThe blood service is being cut again and again, to the point now the nurses there doubt it will remain as is. Sometime soon a private company will pop up to absorb them and make money from our blood, which will create a tension between giving service and sacrifice, and being cattle bled for corporate profit. Meh. I’d shout “roll on, May 2015”, if I thought it would do any good at all…

In the meantime, I’m off to see the wiz… no, I mean the consultant, in a week or so to see if I may be sufficiently compatible with Miss for her to take one of my kidneys, hers being a little buggered and on the verge of failure. She’s A+ and I’m A- so there’s some hope. Not something I’m looking forward to without trepidation, but if it works she’ll have as much life chance as I, so what’s to discuss? 🙂

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