Cotswold Rideout 1

2014.11.01, 01, Cotswold RideoutTyping this up on the Sunday after the Saturday, you wouldn’t believe it was the same weekend. The rain is pouring down and the sky – if it has any colour at all – is grey. Yesterday everything was so different. First weekend of November, and still the central heating remains offline, and the road called to Mr P and me, and Miss came too!

This is just over a hundred mile round ride into the Cotswolds, with a stop at the Broadway Tower for a picnic lunch. For time reasons the final section is a blast down the M5, but it could as easily have been a gentle wander down the A38, or even over into the Forest of Dean and back over the Severn Bridge.

The Broadway Tower was built at the end of the 1700’s as a folly, by Capability Brown and James Wyatt. It’s over a thousand feet above sea level and has fantastic views across the surrounding countryside. You can visit the inside and stand on top if you want to be even higher, and that costs about a fiver per person. On the same land, but beneath it rather than on top, is a fully equipped but no longer operational Nuclear Bunker, from which the survivors of WWIII were to have glanced out onto our melted and poisoned land. I’m so glad it seems redundant nowadays…



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