Hoggin’ the Bridge

Hoggin’ the Bridge is an annual charity bike ride, initially established in the year 2000 for Harley’s (hence the Hog in the Hoggin’) but now attended by up to four thousand motorcycles, trikes and even quads of various manufacture. Starting on the England side of the old Severn Bridge, it took some time for all the bikes to exit the old Aust Services and run over the bridge into Wales, where they processed through several villages (low-fiving the outstretched hands of the kids and the still-kids as we rode by) before ending up at Chepstow racecourse.

2014.10.19, 01, HogginTheBridgeHere’s Morrigan parked up at Aust, next to a Douglas Dragonfly (the tank says Dragonfour but it’s not) under sunny skies.

2014.10.19, 02, HogginTheBridgeOf course, not everyone who popped into the services this morning were there for the ride… some just wanted a quick stop. Sadly, they had a longer stay. –>


Everyone and his brother has a camera nowadays, in their hand, on their phone. But I’m grateful to Derek Freegard for seemingly snapping each and every bike that went past, and this is us.

So to finish the page,  one picture of the bridge we hogged, and a find the Derek picture, because we really do all have cameras nowadays! Grin.

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