September Sunshine

Aren’t you bored by this monthly nonsense yet? It’s clear solar is a viable domestic proposition, but I suppose you won’t be told until I have the entire year mapped out in detail… heh, no, me neither. September turned out to be dry and warm – England had about a fifth of the rain it normally does, and the nights were so muggy we were unable to sleep some nights. Warm, dry and muggy doesn’t do anything for a solar roof under overcast skies though, and you can see the gentle slide into autumn in the graph of the month. In September we generated 340kWh.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 20.19.38

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 21.20.51

I’ve already explained how we squandered nearly the whole years carbon saving on a rash and reckless, and utterly wonderful, week in Mexico. And then, hypocrisy upon hypocrisy, we went on the Global Day of Climate Change Action! But our hearts are in the right place, thumping madly.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 21.51.26Solar is gathering pace. It ought to have been so obvious, and I know they’ve done similar with canals in India, but take a look at this. Not only does it generate, not only is it about the same colour and reflectance as the water it sits on, it also prevents evaporation of the reservoir water! Win all around. In the meantime, for the first three weeks of September, according to UK National Grid status, there was nearly no wind generation at all.

Back on May 12th I sent of my meter reading and got my first cheque. I guess it’s a good time to send of the second meter reading, with an expectation of around a £370 cheque in time for Yule… That would be in the order of £550 for the year, which I feel is not bad for a non-south-facing roof. On that basis of course, it would take slightly more than ten years to reclaim the £6k5 investment. However, taking into account the cost of the electricity and gas not consumed, we’re in a far better place. Time will tell, and I will blog it, but I think £1200 total annual income from the roof isn’t out of the question, making the investment repaid in five and a half years (with profits, index linked, for the subsequent fifteen…)



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