Broadband, finally.

Back in March I revealed how a company called Cotswold Telecom were planning to spread gloops of wifi broadband across the village, and how coincidentally BT had decided it was time to fibre up the place. Well, Cotswold telecom went all quiet, and BT got the call. This week the results are in; I’m gently chuffed. Almost instantaneous streaming of high definition iPlayer was compelling.

Last month, the ones and zeros looked like this:


Last night, they looked a little different.


I was previously allowing the Synology NAS to serve web pages through the ADSL router. Now I’m on Infinity 2 I have a BT Home Hub 5 and I’m not yet clear on how to open the ports. Google searches are inconclusive. If anyone has done this already a comment to this blog would be most appreciated.

2 responses to “Broadband, finally.”

  1. You essentially want to port forward (TCP port 80, I’m guessing) to the address of the NAS. Instructions for setting up port forwarding are here –


  2. Yeah. I’m probably being an idiot, which along with the previous settings probably messing things up means I’m still not serving interwebs…

    On the other hand, I suddenly realised the surfeit of iPads means I now have streaming near real time television in every room I could ever want it!


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