Happy Annibirthary!

Back in dim and distant 1991

In the darkness of night
Mrs flappy bird takes flight
Startled out of her nest
by a multitude of things.

Marking, planning, keeping scores
Not to mention menopause
hot and cold and tense and tired
Mrs flappy bird’s a-flight

And beside her in the nest
Mr flappy bird’s at rest
Fast asleep… and then not
As the night is filled with screams

Getting up and laying down
Making tea with ne’er a frown
Taking naps between substations
How to deal with Flappy’s plight?

There was nothing to be done
But to force her to have fun
Quitting school, taking time
To enjoy life to the Full

Digging soil and planting beans
Reading books and sewing things
Baking cakes and going camping
It’s a flappy bird delight

And she’s still a flappy thing
But she’s learning how to sing
Happy birthday lovely Janwen
Love and hugs and squeezes tight!

2 responses to “Happy Annibirthary!”

  1. Wishing you both much joy.


  2. Lovely photo. Lots of love to you both … loved the poem too xx


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