All white, all right?

It’s a hateful thing to be misrepresented, to find someone is trying to subvert your reputation for their own purposes. When it’s more than your reputation, when it’s your community and your spirituality and your honour that is attacked it’s even harder.

Some Druids are white skinned. Some wear white robes. On some imbecilic, beyond moronic level, could you conflate that with membership of any white supremacist organisation? No, of course not, because you are here reading my blog… you obviously have a mental age of more than two. These aren’t the Druids you’re looking for…

But some thing on a message board called White Heritage – no link, no oxygen of publicity – has decided to steal photographs of Druids at Stonehenge, and republish them with captions portraying Druids as the resurgence of white power in Britain. Ridiculous, and yet I’ve seen comments from pagans new on their path expressing disquiet that they may have stumbled into the paths less honourable. Don’t worry. You haven’t.

Happily, it’s seldom I’m at Stonehenge and never for the solstice circuses. I don’t wear white either. I’m less photogenic but I’m as unlikely to be a racist as Arthur is. I can imagine how he and the other folk will feel about this. I am sure the police and especially the Pagan Police Association will be investigating. But it’s not him and it’s not us. Being protective of the landscape and in love with these islands is part of the expression of Druidry. And love is inclusive. Love of all truth.

paganfolkI remember not so long ago when the right wing tried to infiltrate the folk music and morris dance scene. It resulted in a massive and positive rejection of intolerance, and not a few decent CDs of music [folk against fascism link]. That was itself followed up by a really fine CD of similar ilk [pagans against fascism link].

That’s the best way to react. Not to sink to their level but to be the best example of pagan and Druid you can. Make sure, if you are ‘out’, that folk see you for what you are… And for what you are not.

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