Solar July ’14 and other news

High Summer (but only just). The figures this month beat those of June, by a handful of units. The solar roof managed 549 kWh in July.

Even as life-plans seek a slowing down, life speeds up. The roller coaster ride goes on. Janet officially finishes work at the end of August – the end of the school holidays – but actually finished when school broke up. A person of leisure henceforth, destined to enjoy life for the foreseeable. I cannot begin to tell you what a weight that is off my own mind; it is no fun watching someone work so very hard in the face of thankless demand. Gove goes too, I see. I’m less bothered about him.

This month too saw my first nervous entry into formal celebrancy, as I hand fasted two lovely people in Plymouth. And later, at a fantastic (and yet to be blogged about) Druid Camp, I stood within the circle and gave the ‘Challenge of the Sea’ for two other good friends at their own hand fasting. And later I sang NOMBI out loud in the presence of actual people!

In other news, as Chair of Parish I have a Public Inquiry to face at home, where a developer whose unwelcome proposals were refused will go to appeal in January. Much to do. Lots of good folk on my side of the fence of course, but the developer has a whole legal department… Ah well, right may yet prevail.

So… to the numbers.


Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 22.16.31Still couldn’t quite break 25kWh though, the best was 24.9kWh…

I guess by now you should have understood where I’m coming from. I set out on a quest to see if my west facing roof would be a viable site to mount a solar roof. I was prepared to stump up six grand for the experiment, mainly because I felt it was likely I would get my money back and hey, the banks aren’t paying interest right now…

I feel confident, even after only eight months, that I will not only get my money back in a reasonable time frame, I’ll get it back inside four years and make a considerable saving over the remaining sixteen years of the FIT agreement. It’s a win. But more importantly, it’s the CO2e savings. It’s the knowledge I am living off sunlight. I already worship the Sun, and now I reap the reward. It’s a little bit of self sufficiency. In the times to come that may not be enough, but the intention is powerful.

Out there in the world, people are sending missiles into schools and hospitals. Out there in the world, people are shooting down passenger airplanes. Out there in the world, the politicians smirk as they plunder our savings and our country. Take a little positive where you find it, Solar works.

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  1. NOMBI was awesome. You have a lovely singing voice.


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