Solar Diary June 2014

Well, the month wasn’t quite the hot, hot month we were hoping for. It was hot, true enough, but it was also cloudy and humid, and occasionally very wet. Clouds don’t let the sunshine through, you know… I was a little sad not to break my 25 kWh innaday cherry. So as the graph shows, it’s been up and down. Month on month though it’s still an upward trend. Solstice has been and gone, and we’re about to sink into the darker year… will there even an Indian Summer? 25 kWh… you’re still my target. West-facing or no!

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 22.40.40


I’ve tried to automate the calculations into a spreadsheet – well, it gets a bit dull working all this out when it’s so lovely out there! Some but not all the calculations are shown. If you are interested in how I came to various figures I’m happy to do so; just leave a comment to this blog post.

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 23.07.54


I forgot to work out the carbon saving since last December… do that for you next month.


It does appear quite strongly that the solar roof was not a poor investment, both in carbon terms and in cash. It’s all very well saving the planet (ahem) but a man’s got to eat… and that brings us on to the front, front garden. In the next year, Janet and I will be turning the cash-rich, time-poor lifestyle on its head and, with all that bountiful time, will be trying a little, teeny, tiny bit, to be Tom and Barbara. I foresee a fourth raised bed to give us some more growing space. The chickens need a new home, but are otherwise doing wonderful egg-related goodness (say five or six eggs a day… my cholesterol must be something to behold!), the fruit bed is giving bowl-fulls of strawberries and raspberries every day and we’re freezing down as many broad beans, runners and peas as we’re eating (which is a lot). The daily sandwiches are filled with fresh-picked lettuce and spring onions, and tomatoes from the greenhouse. We’re in no way self sufficient (where are my bloody steaks?!), but it’s going to be a Good Life.

One response to “Solar Diary June 2014”

  1. Allowing for the difference in array sizes, you are getting three times the amount of sunshine than we are. So even though Scotland isn’t yet (possibly) a seperate country, climatically it most certainly is. My own figures show our electrical consumption for the last year (that is the amount of electricity we paid for after the solar ran our meter backwards) was 1930 kw PA. In todays prices that’s around £300 excluding standing charges. If I had the same figures as you, we probably wouldn’t be paying for electricity at all. Glad you are happy with your investment!


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