The Cave of Wonder

I don’t know who was the more surprised, me or the mouse.

IMG_0001aCan you imagine how he felt, finding himself in such largess? I would never have imagined he could get in… the feed bin is a normal plastic bin, the lid of which is kept on except for when we’re actually refilling the chicken feeder. But the lid has a small vent bung, which fell out about a week ago… and the bin was pushed close up against one of the pushbikes… it can only be the little bugger scaled the knobbly tyre of my seldom used mountain bike, questing for the tantalising scent of fresh meal… scampering along the handbars, he launches himself from the end, aiming for a tiny, tiny hole… he makes it!

IMG_0002aI don’t think he can have been in there long… a day perhaps… time to go “Wow!!! I’ve won the lottery, and the pools, and the premium bonds.” And then the rough hand of reality came down upon him and spoiled the whole day. I don’t know how good the homing instinct is in mice. I read the other day that snails can return from up to 65 metres… mice… would have to do better, because this fellow went for a long car journey.

And the vent is once more bunged up.

One response to “The Cave of Wonder”

  1. Frieda Birkett Avatar
    Frieda Birkett

    gorgeous little chap


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