Check the bleedin’ f-stop!

There’s nothing more guaranteed to make you feel more of an idiot than taking a bunch of pictures with the wrong f-stop! It’s a fault with the camera, although of course the blame lies with the photographer – the Canon 7D mode dial is prone to inadvertent turning while slung over the shoulder, and I simply forgot to check it was on Av and not Tv – which it was, making all the shots 1/250th of a second, and in doing so reducing the depth of field horribly. There is a fix, with a new mode dial that has a push-button lock, but I’ve not got that. As you see…  So, here’re a few of the recoverables, to document a lovely 10km walk through the local woods, decorated with bluebells, wood anemone and celandine, and to remind me to check the bleedin’ f-stop!

2 responses to “Check the bleedin’ f-stop!”

  1. You need a 5D3 mate… he he


  2. Yup. Do you think Miss would notice the difference? I mean, they’re both black…


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