What if…

You know how you can wake up in the night… No idea why… Grab a cup of tea… Wander around and then… Remember the dream. Sometimes it’s a good dream, but good dreams seldom wake you up like that…

What if the Nick and Nige Show was a setup from the start? An idea gently implanted into the head of the weaker member of the coalition by the stronger? “Why not call him out then?”… “Go on, ‘ave ‘im”… “Show you’re a strong leader”… In the knowledge (and the Tory spun media reportage) that the othe bloke would come out on top. Twice.

Who are we again...?
Who are we again…?

Because at the next election, it could be argued that nobody will win overall control, again. Labour don’t seem to be gearing up much, the Tories won’t get a full majority, and the LibDems are quite probably going to collapse. So another coalition.

What if that coalition was Tory and UKIP. Half the Tory party are Euro sceptics anyway. It wouldn’t take much to create the parliament last seen on V for Vendetta. What if Nick was set up? What if we’re in for the big rumble?

Sweet dreams…

One response to “What if…”

  1. About the only positive thing to consider is that they show no signs of being that clever or competent. About the only thing they seem equal to is oppressing those who can’t fight back, and giving their friends cut prices on the family silver. I’m sure they would like to be that evil, but they’re not very good at it, and are terrified of 38 degrees. There may in fact be more of us, and there may turn out to be more hope than hatred out there.


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