Dog Pinch Collars

An open letter to my MP, Professor Steve Webb.

Hi Steve

Not a petition this time, just a plain ol’ constituent’s letter. 🙂
I’m not a ‘doggie’ person. In fact beyond the fish tank in the dining room and the chickens in the garden I’ve not a lot of time for animals as such. Nevertheless, when I saw the picture below on my Facebook page I was incensed. Aware that so many things that cross the internet are less than accurate, I checked the web site mentioned in the Facebook post to confirm these atrocious devices were actually on sale in Britain. A friend checked with the RSPCA that they are legal to sell in the UK as long as they cause no injury to the animal, and that they are allegedly used solely for the control of fighting dogs (illegal in the UK).
A selection of these collars are on sale in the UK today at, for example, – which you have to admit is an ironic address in this context!
I cannot imagine why anyone would purchase one of these collars without intending to cause injury. Anyone purchasing one would appear to me to be deliberately intending to cause harm, and is likely to be keeping dogs who are so difficult to control they require a pain stimulus – i.e. probably keeping fighting dogs.
I’m sure you will be as appalled as I am. I therefore ask if you would consider strengthening animal rights legislation and making the sale, possession and use of these devices illegal. I’m sharing this letter, as I will with your earliest response. Many thanks.
Mark /| Rosher


3 responses to “Dog Pinch Collars”

  1. I can get past the party politics when there are MPs out there who respond like this. Less than 24 hours after I wrote to him, here’s Steve Webb’s reply. I have no doubt I will get a follow-up letter with DEFRA’s own response, and when I do I will append it here too.

    Dear Mark,

    Thank you for your email.

    I must admit to being appalled at the cruelty of these ‘pinch’ collars, and I will certainly write to DEFRA to ask for them to be banned.

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

    Kind regards,

    Yours sincerely

    Steve Webb MP


  2. I really hope something can be changed with this ridiculous law that allows these barbaric torture collars.
    I am so pleased to see that Amazon has stopped selling them..
    I have e mailed Ebay. as yet they are still selling them .and have not got back to me.
    the compamy lovemydog shoyld change its name to I torture my dog…
    how cruel and wicked to treat your dear pet like this ..
    wicked wicked company .
    warm regards
    Frieda Birkett


  3. This is horrible I posted it on my instagram so scary


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