Pothole update …ish

Exactly a month after writing a bit of a rant then posting it to Hereford County Council, regarding the loss of a tyre to a massive pothole near Ross on Wye, I got a reply. You couldn’t really make it up. Apparently, customer services have “chased this again” with their contractor and are awaiting a response…

Potholes-genericSo a long month after I reported a dangerously large and dangerously placed pothole, which had already caused significant and costly damage to at least one vehicle – mine – and had the potential for serious injury or even death… a pothole which I reported along with pictures and GPS coordinates… Hereford County Council are (yep) looking into it.

Keeping you posted on how well a Conservative council is managing the Conservative austerity program.

How Interesting that this story hit the news today! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-26014054

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