Green Man in Leather

I cannot begin to tell you how amazed and in love I am with this sporran. Ok, ok, I know there’s little enough Scottish in me but kilts are cool. For now, forget my entire bloodline for the past four hundred years was on the south east cost of England and admire this leatherwork…

sporran1Some of you will instantly recognise the fantastic work of the lovely Chris Hurst at SkyRavenWolf. It was my pleasure today to visit and collect my piece in person and share lunch and a chilly but mostly dry afternoon. The sporran is about 20cm top to bottom and 17cm wide and the whole thing is hand carved and coloured by Chris. How long will you stare into him, how many species can you see in his face?


One response to “Green Man in Leather”

  1. Blimey! How wonderful is that!!


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