New screen

Wanting to put a screen on Morrigan, my Triumph Thunderbird Storm, I found almost nothing available online and very few pictures of potential options. Now that I’ve solved my immediate problem (and fitted a screen) I thought I’d blog it a bit, so that the next biker who went down this route would find something more than I did.

When I first got Morrigan she was naked (ooh-er) and the wind buffeting was significant at anything approaching “making steady progress”. Although I had a good old Google, there didn’t seem to be much in the way of advice when it came to screens for this particular motorbike. The Triumph Thunderbird Storm was seen as a bruiser cruiser, not in any way needing a screen, so Triumph didn’t make one for it.

2013.05.30, Morrigan and WisteriaEventually, I came across the Dart Manta, which is a really nice, small tinted screen which makes the front of the bike look super fine. And for a while it was enough. But planning long distance runs including rides abroad, I realised the wind buffeting was still too much for this tired, battered old buffer, and a larger screen was required.

Again, Google failed to find almost anything. In fact what it found were other people looking for the same answer to the same question. There was the Windvest, but there are no UK distributors that I can find and getting one from the states was unaccountably problematic. But there was a home grown option, from Triumph (and I got a killer discount). And so,  I’ve just put the Triumph Rocket III Roadster screen on Morrigan, and she still looks super fine!

The screen – and separate fitting pack – fitted with only minor modification. The R3 Roadster has the same double headlights that the TB Storm has, and the A9748036 screen fits right over them. The screen needs fitting kit A9738051 for the Roadster, but of course there’s no fitting kit for the Storm.

screen1The fork stanchions are much much thicker on the Roadster, and so a decent bit of packing is required to make the clamps fit on the slender legs of the Storm. I used a couple of thicknesses of cork gasket (because that’s what I had to hand). Later on I may replace that with machined shims, but for now they’re fine and may even reduce vibration (if there is any)

The bracket bolts to the clamps, but with the yoke of the Rocket III again being much larger the drilled holes are too far apart to work on the Storm. That was sorted with an additional 8mm hole in through the chromed bracket for the lower bolt. The whole thing then assembles with no problem at all.

So the screen looks like this.

screen2Here are a couple of other shots, one showing that the previously mounted RoadHawk Ride bullet camera now looks through the screen, and may need moving if the picture quality is affected.

I’ve just taken her out for a night time blast up the motorway, and there is absolutely no shoulder buffeting at even “making very good progress indeed” speeds, although the head still gets a decent breeze. It rained heavily on the way back too, and it was possible to sit a bit lower and dodge the rain – not a bad trick when wearing an open face helmet… the camera footage showed the screen doesn’t make a serious difference to the image quality, but I may yet move it to the screen side bracket. More if it becomes relevant.


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