I’ve just checked. We do still have solar panels…

It’s been a tad windy overnight; not hurricane windy but gusting to around 40-50 mph. Something they don’t mention when you investigate the possibility of solar panels is how they are affected by the wind.  It’s obvious, of course, but no matter how well they are secured there is some flexion as the wind races over and under them, and that flexion isn’t quiet!  Lying awake last night I was wondering if it was such a great idea to fix a sail to the roof…  Well, actually I was wondering if we’d have a roof by the morning.  And now it’s pouring with rain. I suppose we’ll soon know if it’s dislodged any of the tiles…

Anyhow, nearly the end of the month.  The electricity company has confirmed my Feed in Tariff application (but six to eight weeks before they get around to it…!).  Any guesses how many units we’ve generated in December? Five? Ten?

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