Sipping on Sunshine

IMG_7132cSipping very, very gently, so as not to disturb his winter slumber… Cold grey days and cold sunny days, and we’re one week into being a “generator”. Oh, how laudable… today we have completed our first week harvesting Sunshine, and I can reveal we have overloaded the local grid network with an additional sixteen kiloWatt hours! Yep, 16kWh. Cumulative. All week. Enough to boil the kettle and a bit to spare, so long as you don’t want it all at once. lol.

Ok, I didn’t expect much and this is pretty par for the course for the time of year. Grey days manage not much more than a kiloWatt hour, while sunny days can do five or more. And when the scaffold is taken down I will pay the bill. I’m not the only one who thinks solar is the way to go – I’ve just seen a planning proposal for a 5.8MWp installation just outside the village. That’s 12.5 hectares of blackness! Still, better than wind turbines.

I’ve got an Owl Intuition-PV that I will be hooking up shortly, but I’m having trouble pairing the transmitter and receiver right now and life’s too busy to worry. But in the meantime don’t switch too many lights on at once, ok? We effectively started generating on December 1st, and I will put up a page where the monthly output can be recorded – for my own pleasure and edification and for your amusement.

Next update then will be New Year.

One response to “Sipping on Sunshine”

  1. That’s ten hours more than me then, but then again you currently have around two and a half times more output than me plus the orientation down there should result in slightly higher outputs than for these more northern climates.


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