Found this fellow, a small tortoiseshell, on our landing this morning. No idea how he got in or when, and perhaps he pupated in a dark corner unnoticed. But he was nearly gone… unable to do much at all. Well, there’s little enough pollen and nectar in our house at this time of the year. So, a little sugar water and he picked up a bit. A gentle warming in the hand, breathed upon until strength returned… and then outside where he took immediate wing, probably to survive no more than the day. But he’ll be free. And we do have young nettles still in the chicken run, which the gods may guide him to. Possible Win.


One response to “Butterfly”

  1. You may be pleased to know that Small Tortoiseshells hibernate, so your newly refreshed friend may be able to find a quiet corner in a shed or garage to go to sleep until warmer weather arrives – unless,of course, the chickens get him!.


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