Sucking on Sunshine I

Not that the Sun is making much of an impact right now. But today we had (are having) 3.9kW(peak) of Solar PV installed onto the roof of Majach Cottage. Our roof faces east and west, with an ever so slightly southerly tilt on the west face, so it’s installed on the west side. That’s the rear, which means the look of the house isn’t impacted from the normal point of view (if I’m in the back garden, I’m seldom looking at the roof… usually it’s a book and a beer)

Scaffolding up, holes in roof! Solar PV Installation
Scaffolding up, holes in roof! Solar PV Installation

The scaffolders were due yesterday, but a tough job in Dursley meant they didn’t arrive until nine this morning, and the solar folk arrived while they were still erecting the scaffold. Teas all ’round then, with the additional excitement that I forgot to give them a tea strainer, so I gather the loose leaf brew was a bit chewy.

Raised beds and hungry chickens
Raised beds and hungry chickens

Nice to have a day off, and I made use of it weeding and digging over a bit of raised bed, dropping in a few lines of early onion. Time will tell if this pre-winter experiment comes to ought, but these were sets taken out earlier in the year alongside the full onion crop. With luck, and possibly with a fleece coat, these may lay down a good root system before popping up in the springtime.

IMG_0037aSo time is getting on, the house is reverberating to the noise of hammers and drills and footsteps on the mostly tiled roof. The Sun is going down and work continues into the dusk… I think further updates will have to wait for the dawn. Or a bit later even than that!

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