Doggerel for Bonfire Night

Who are we again...?
Who are we again…?

We sing out “Remember the fifth of November”
and gather in schools and in parks.
With Health and with Safety we coo, point and gasp
at the sanitised festival larks.

Just as Samhain has softened from what it once was;
No more ancestors, just trick and treating,
Bonfire night has become just a laugh and the bangs
almost drown out the drums that are beating.

And this country could use Guido’s passionate work
For our government now is a farce.
No democracy here, we keep voting for nought;
They could do with a bang up their arse!

As the Oligarchs grin and conspire from within
to ensure they remain “our betters”,
Down in undercroft, back room and woodland retreat
there are plans being made, and Vendettas.

So remember, for whatever cause he once served,
Poor old Fawkes wasn’t punished by burning.
He was hung, drawn and quartered by kindly King James
for his failure in rule overturning.

Don’t fail…





2 responses to “Doggerel for Bonfire Night”

  1. There was a thought doing the rounds on Twitter yesterday to the effect of Remember V for Vendetta because that’s pretty relevant just now…


  2. shhhhh…they’re listening


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