Hoggin’ the Bridge

Had a splendid ride out with a couple of thousand other bikers on Sunday, taking possession of the old Severn Bridge and a bit of motorway for an hour or three. Hoggin’ the Bridge is a charity fund raiser for Meningitis UK and other local charities, begun in 2000 with a few bikes it’s now immense. I think this is the third year I’ve done it, but the first on Morrigan. The ride starts from the old Severn services, runs over the bridge and off at Magor, thence through the local villages to Chepstow. One of the fun aspects of this run is the way all the villagers come out onto the street to cheer us along. Kids hold out their hands for a (low speed) ‘low five’… grannies come out with their garden chairs to sit on the pavement and wave.

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This year the ride ended at Chepstow Racecourse instead of the town itself. Facebook is full of folk complaining about the venue, and in fairness there is some justification here and there. Tires me, though, when the punters rip into the organisers and you know none of them would lift a finger to help organise the event themselves. It wasn’t that bad! The marshals were really good, too. I don’t actually care for the racecourse or the town; I’m there for the ride and for the charitable aspect, but most of all for the ride. Be it into town or into the race course, the last run up the hill is a killer – you can smell the clutches burning. I think next year we’ll peel off at the end and make for the valleys.

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Most of the pictures were video stills taken from the bike cam, and a couple were from the compact camera.

Well done to the organisers, and see you next year!

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