Cropredy 2013

zIMG_1301aHaving only just got back from France on the Wednesday, and in my case still a little blissed out from Druid Camp, we had decided not to do Fairport’s Cropredy Convention this year. But having a spare day and the weather being fine, we decided to take a ride out on Morrigan to see our normal gang of reprobates in Cropredy village for an afternoon beer and natter. Having got there (late, due to a massively extended diversion about Chipping Norton for reasons unknown but hopefully justified), Janet went all “can we stay? can we? can we?”. It being her birthday (and our anniversary) on Saturday, the day lead on to a quick trip to the local superstores for a cheap tent, sleeping bags and toothbrushes. Clothing, not so much. But hey, there are always festival t-shirts, yeah?

So, an afternoon ride out turned into a fantastic four day festival weekend (as usual) but without all the glamping comfort we are accustomed to. Thanks to Bob, and Bob, and Bob, and Malc, and Mike, and Leonore, and a thousand other folk for their good company. Thanks too to Birmingham Friends of the Earth, who operated a free of charge 24-hour open safe deposit service, and looked after our helmets and stuff. A thank-you donation is on it’s way, since we had almost no money the whole weekend and couldn’t thank you on the day. Spontaneity.

Cropredy festival… we’ve been going for a couple of decades now, and it’s interesting to see the generational thing working. New kids arriving, getting the vibe and returning. Familiar faces getting a bit older each time. Including the artists on stage! But we stayed in the backpackers field this time (thanks for the additional security in that field, chaps) with the young things… who can’t shut up and listen to the music on the site, and then have to yell at each other all night long, when they’re not puking up all over the place. Earplugs were essential. But we were never that messy although we might have been noisy and drunk. Come on guys, clean your shit up.

Highlights of the weekend… well, spontaneity of course. Alice Cooper! Fantastic theatre. 10cc; so many great hits recalled to mind. Moulettes… just went and bought all your CDs. Martin Barre; always a pleasure, sir. Mediaeval Baebes; better than I expected. Edward II; remember you the first time, damned fine. Peatbog Faeries; most excellent trance-celt-skirl! Brooks Williams; Janet’s favourite folkie. Oh, and the narrowboat under Cropredy canal bridge who really, really thought he could get through between the craft poorly moored on either side. But couldn’t. Good grief, it’s complete gridlock!

Oh! And Janet was recognised by one of her fellow roomie students from Cardiff University back some thirty plus years… still lookin’ good, lovely.

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One response to “Cropredy 2013”

  1. It was just an amazing weekend ….
    As always, our weekend in the Oxfordshire countryside was filled with great sounds, great people, and great ales ….. Even after all these years, I still haven’t worked out why it is so exhausting !

    Lovely seeing you both xx


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