Hot enough…

British weather. Got to love it. Summer is here in spades.

Unfortunately, even good weather can be too good, and this afternoon I found our lovely Welsummer hen had succumbed to the heat.


She was the last of three Welsummers we bought a few years back. Gorgeous plumage as you can see. When we bought these girls we forgot to have their wings clipped (I only do this when they first come to us, then I allow their flight feathers to grow. They never leave.). I opened the box and out flew threw frantic birds, and it took us three days to get them all back! Live and learn.

So we currently have two Partridge Leghorn, two Bluebelles, two Golden Rhodes and one Speckly that thinks she’s broody. And I guess our daily eggbox and a bit of golden bounty will just be an eggbox from here on… Farewell, girl.


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