A Good Day for Gardening

These aren't just any rotten strawberries...
These aren’t just any rotten strawberries…

There’s not much the chickens won’t get excited about… I guess anything is a change to layers pellets and breadcrusts. So when M&S’s finest fresh strawberries (bought yesterday) turned out to be red on the outside and black and nasty inside, they didn’t turn up their beaks.

And then, when I turned out a couple of our compost bins to find a busy nest of brown ants, they were happy too to help me out. Mmm, ant eggs and earthworms… delicious!

Chickens go nuts for an unearthed ant nest!
Chickens go nuts for an unearthed ant nest!

The centre bed is now dug over and raked, and all the weeds (for now) extracted. Four lines of mixed Lettuce moved from the greenhouse with half kept back for a second planting later. Can’t wait to be able to nip out in the morning to get the salad for the sandwiches (made, of course, from hand kneaded home baked – gods, I’m so Tom and Barbara!).



2 responses to “A Good Day for Gardening”

  1. Ye Gods, the sheer tidiness of your garden. How?


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