She said her name was Morrigan

I had to get a few miles under my belt before I was sure I’d heard correctly, but yes, she’s Morrigan.

Morrigan at Blagdon Reservoir
Morrigan at Blagdon Reservoir

Warrior witch queen… yup, sounds about right. Not as ludicrously insane as a ‘king Rocket III but mad enough. Black as a crow, slick as an eel, with a roar that would make a wolf think thrice.

A totally different riding experience to Pumpkin, and more relaxed… this is a good thing that may keep me alive a little longer. I can’t wait to get out on a day long (or days long) ride.


Anyhow, she’s a Triumph Thunderbird Storm 1700cc parallel twin, and she says hello.

Mark on Morrigan
Mark on Morrigan

[updated 23/04/2013 with a couple of pictures of Morrigan under sunnier skies. The original pic overlooking the Severn Vale is here]


[updated 28/04/2013. Aaaaaand, she’s run in after a fantastic ride out to Weymouth]


One response to “She said her name was Morrigan”

  1. […] this year. But having a spare day and the weather being fine, we decided to take a ride out on Morrigan to see our normal gang of reprobates in Cropredy village for an afternoon beer and natter. Having […]


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