Still Hated…

There’s a story, carried by at least two ‘news’ papers – the Telegraph and the Daily Mail, about a recent guidance document issued by the Equality and Human Rights Commission regarding discrimination in the workplace. It’s a good document, and references judgements in the European Court mainly brought about by a few instances such as the memorable British Airways check-in clerk who wore a crucifix to work and suffered prejudice because of it.

The Torygraph at least carries it semi-sensibly, although it totally sensationalises the story with “Vegans and druids to gain workplace rights under new equality rules”. To clarify, the word druid occurs just once in the whole guidance document, vegetarian three times and vegan not at all. Christian, on the other hand, occurs four times, as does Jewish… so why aren’t these faiths referenced in the headline? Not sexy enough, you think?

The Daily Fail, however, really goes for it – per usual. “What an insult to Christians! After crucifixes are allowed at work, human rights quango tells firms: give vegans and pagans special rights too”, and calls it ‘lunatic’ advice from the equalities watchdog. Apparently, Christians will feel insulted that people with deeply held spiritual beliefs will be treated on a par with Christians, who have deeply held spiritual beliefs…

hatedOf course, we have history with the Fail. Remember dear old Melanie Phillips and her inaccurate diatribe when we at The Druid Network became a registered charity? I hold a special place on my altar for my “Hated by the Daily Mail” badge… Still waiting for the actual badge, Stephen and Phill, but I am in great company.

I know folk on Facebook say we shouldn’t even click on links to places like the Fail, because it givens them the oxygen of recognition. But I think you should click on the links, and read the utter snot they parade in front of the blue rinse… hmm now, what would they be in the new seven class system…? Only by (occasionally) reading the tripe will you ever understand why we need a free press. I mean, just imagine if this stuff was the only available ‘news’? Just don’t ever pay for it though; Winston Smith would weep.

I do have a friend whose wife buys the Fail. Just the one though.

Oh, the class system. One final thought. Why seven classes? Why not twenty, or five? Let’s keep it simple. Do you work? Then you’re working class. Do you not work because you can’t work? You’re the dependent class. Do you not work because you don’t need to? You probably read the Torygraph and the Fail. You’ll be the other class. Simples.

One response to “Still Hated…”

  1. On the topic of the new class classifications; I think it’s a thinly veiled attempt to prove that there is now extensive class mobility (under our new progressive government!?). Try taking the BBC class calculator and playing about with just your income and savings.

    As soon as I retired, for example, I moved from Established Middle Class to Traditional Working Class. (Is it any wonder that the average age of TWC is 66 – low income but some savings; sounds like retirement to me!) The old systems that looked at things like education and employment with more weighting on your long term interests and hobbies, rather than whether you’re currently going to gigs, a member of a gym or playing on-line games, meant we were much less mobile in the class classification.

    So another triumph for government policy: at a stroke they’ve made us socially mobile. I’m actually quite glad that they’ve let me ditch the middle-class label and get back to my working class roots but I wonder what all the other retired DM and T readers will think when they discover they’re also working class now!


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