New Chooks!

New Chooks
New Chooks

On the day I came home with six new girls, the two older ones decide to restart laying… Ah well, Omelette, Souffle, Poached and Scrambled, bring it on.

So our remaining elders of the flock (we have enough to call it a flock!) are a Welsummer and a Speckly. You may recall the fun we had a few years back when we bought the Welsummers and forgot to clip the wing feathers… spent two days searching for the birds around the village! Remembered this time.

We now have eight birds; more than we’ve ever had at once and I’m sure to be reminded of that. They were too nice to leave at the farm though. The new chooks are… two Bovans Nera, two Rhode Star, and two Nib Bluebell, bought from Nibley Bird Farm.

New Chooks
New Chooks

Introducing six girls at once to the established crew hasn’t put the resident ladies in a good mood, and there’s a deal of gentle sorting out in the pecking order. Specklys are so docile that I expect she’ll be moving down from her current number two position by morning.

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