Dodger, Terry Pratchett

dodger terry pratchettDodger, by Terry Pratchett.

Just got around to finishing this. In real hardback book format (like all my PTerrys) and therefore liable to being dropped each night as I slip into slumber. As with all PTerry works, this was very enjoyable. However, using the name Dodger in a real world Victorian London tale continually put me in mind of the Artful one in Dickens’s Oliver Twist, and indeed Dickens appears central to the storyline. But this is a different Dodger.

Lots of good stuff in here. Images of an underworld London where one may have to do what one can to survive, including searching for dropped change amidst the poo in the sewers. And a theme related to violence against women, although the actual violence is off screen, so to speak. But it would have worked very well or better as a Discworld Ankh-Morpork novel, with the normally centre stage characters such as Commander Vimes, Lord Vetinari and William de Word taking subordinate parts to a new protagonist.

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