Plot two

Two of three veg plots completed
Two of three veg plots completed

Life goes on, and I finished the second veg plot today. The final one, to the top left, will be a matter of removing the side walls of the existing fruit bed and replacing with the same wood frame.

Unfortunately, the previous experimental enclosure was built using old wine bottles. We had a good old time emptying the bottles for this project, and our reputation for sobriety was severely damaged (ok, so we never had a reputation for sobriety).

The border initially looked great and was of course a ‘green’ solution. It didn’t stop the grass growing in to the bed though, even with decking inner sides, and the whole thing started to look tatty.

I’ve got ground sheets covering the remaining grass inside the second bed, and once that’s died off I’ll top off with some local topsoil.

I need to think about the beech hedge at the end of the garden now. You can see it beyond the chicken run. Do I trim or do I lay? Or do I simply leave it for next year (again)?

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