The Plot Thickens

Top right veg bed built
Top right veg bed built

So, tendonitis playing a symphony on my knees and wrists, the first bed is done bar any additional treating of the wood.

The magical ability of string under tension to produce a mostly straight line shows the beds will generally reflect the front flower bed – now in need of a post-winter fettling.

The beds will be about eleven foot wide by eight foot, and eight inches deep if we fill them up. I’m guessing we will do so, but perhaps not immediately. In the existing plots at least the soil is well turned and full of worms, and we may plant into the existing base. The middle plot will be newly created and we’ll either have dug over and or covered the grass with black fleece, and will therefore need topping off with a tonne or so of local topsoil.

There’s a six foot space between each bed on the right.

I think Miss was impressed with the technical description of the “Big F.O. Large”  coach bolts used to secure the ends. 🙂

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