Raised Beds. Sizing Up.
Raised Beds. Sizing Up.

So, brave new year and despite a rotten chesty cough and head cold the projects begin.

The previous twin plots edged with wine bottles looked great at first then just looked plain untidy. They didn’t hold back the grass in-growth either.

You can see the general idea. All three beds will be so enclosed, the top left bed is mainly soft fruit – raspberries and strawberries etc, and the top two on the right will alternate (kind of a curt down three year rotation plan!). In time perhaps another bed on the left will take us to proper rotational production, although I think the beds are too close together to make much difference. The front raised bed will remain flowers and shrubs.

Watch this space for more updates when my back stops screaming at me…

One response to “Plotting…”

  1. Good to see… I’ve been trying to tackle my potager after nearly three years’ neglect, and at least it’s bad enough that there’s a lot I can just heave into with the secateurs with gusto. Trying to re-etsablish the beds and lose the smallest fiddliest ones… will set them mostly to perennials and herbs, and start bigger beds further down in the sunshine. Work ahead!


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