Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice. Solstice… The rise and fall of the noonday Sun appears to stop, low in the sky, for about three days. It’s a time of darkness, of cold, of wrapping up warm. In ages past it was a time of total reliance on the food, stored away during the autumn harvests. Get that wrong and the tribe starved. Nowadays we are protected against such hardships by continually open shops and cross-world imports, but it wasn’t always so. And it still isn’t always so for all our people.

In the darkness, too, new life develops. Whether it be the forming foetus or the germinating seed, there’s a lot we don’t see beneath the surface. Pagans and Druids spend the winter solstice, Yule, pretty much as other folk spend Christmas, and sometimes we do both. Family, communion, gifting. The Sun really does appear re-born in the sky, and there are many reasons for the season.

Sharing our faith without forcing it – Interfaith – is important to us all if we are to find the sacred in all our doings, and to understand each others. The Druid Network, having been registered as a religious charity in 2010, has recently sought membership of the Inter Faith Network. Though that is causing ripples in the waters of interfaith, we intend to share our inspiration in the common spiritual pool. For if Interfaith isn’t all faiths, it’s not interfaith.

Blessings of the season, however you celebrate it.

Mark Rosher – The Druid Network –

(This is the text that appeared on behalf of the Druid and Pagan community in the midwinter issue of the weekly Gazette  in the “Thought for the Week” section of the Church News page. The Gazette is sold in and around Bristol and Gloucestershire)

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