Oh, Peter!

Um, a hand please?
Um, a hand please?

Nature is wonderful, cruel and beautiful. And sometimes the ‘verse just goes all out to give you a belly laugh you feel guilty about for hours afterwards. We ought always to show respect for animals, even in death and tragedy, but you know if it had been me my shade would still be grinning at the sight. Oh my, does my bunny look big in this?

So a night or so ago, Mr Bunny was invited to dinner by Mr Stoat with no need to RSVP. Dragged across a dark and buzzing HV substation, he must have wondered how the end would come. I bet he never anticipated this, and no more did the stoat. He got the head and body through the small hole in the cable trough cover, but at that point it all went very Winnie the Pooh. Not quite the same though… you don’t want to see the other end.

Or maybe the ‘chute didn’t open.


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