Review: Stealing Into Winter, by Graeme Talboys

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From the out, this is a good read. It’s clearly set up to be the first in a series, and indeed both the title and the comments from Graeme about volume four substantiate that. It’s not totally flawless (how many books are?), but at no point was I stop reading until I got to the very end.

The tale revolves around our protagonist, Jeniche, a thief who has a lucky escape from her incarceration and finds herself leading a group of monks and nuns to safety across desert, plain, jungle and mountain. It’s fair to assume Jeniche survives this book give the subtitle “being the first adventure in the chronicles of Jeniche of Antar”, but the adventure is worth chronicling.

The story is presented in an interesting third person fashion where you can almost hear Jeniche talking it to herself, or as one might listen to a Bard relating the tale. Unsurprising perhaps, given Graeme’s druidic other life. The chapters too don’t follow directly one from the other (as if there’s a pause in the telling while the tale goes on while the teller goes for a quick cuppa…). This allows for some imaginative work on behalf of the reader, who can make the connections at their whim. Nice touch.

I enjoyed the read and I’ll be looking for the second adventure.

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