The Obsessive Bread Thread

Ok, your batty blogger can now do wholemeal and white! Whoo-hoo! Halving the salt and halving the yeast and not double proving the dough from Delia’s receipe makes for a pretty good loaf.

In fact, one could argue it’s too much loaf for the two pound tin it’s intended for. Last night I put the dough I’d previously proved in the mixing bowl into the loaf tin which I then popped in the top of the tank in the airing cupboard while the oven was warming up.

Then the door bell went, then the coffees were enjoyed and chatting ensued. By the time I went back to put the dough in the oven it had risen as the boiler refreshed the hot water tank, and flumped as the heat went off again – all down the side of the water tank jacket!

Happily, it was still malleable, and I rescued it into a small hand moulded loaf…

It was only then, cleaning off the ness, that I realised it wasn’t the first time it had happened. Further down the side of the jacket was what can only be described as slabs of wholemeal pizza base… a bit overdone for my taste. To be fair even the chickens turned their beaks up at it.

Anyhow, this is probably the final post on the subject of bread, unless I do something splendid like plaited cheese sticks….

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