Currently reading – Stealing Into Winter, by Graeme Talboys [Kindle Edition]

Ok, so how this came about was… Leaving the south Wales valleys, having done considerable thinking work in a substation (as you do), I made the poor choice of taking the new Second Severn Crossing and the M5 northward to home, rather than the old Severn bridge and the back roads… It wasn’t the only poor choice made that afternoon; the other one being made by the driver of a grain lorry who thought perhaps he’d have a tumble with the central reservation – a knight of the road tilting at the armco, so to speak.

It didn’t end well, and twenty tonnes of (up until then) perfectly good grain went spewing across the motorway just where the M4 inclines toward the M5 interchange – already totally buggered by the machinations of road planners with a desire to play Scalectrix with some nice new variable speed limit signs (that might be in place within the next decade but currently mean everything is already rather congested by untold cones, without any help from errant professional drivers of no particular aptitude).

So, blessings of the gods upon mobile broadband and tablet computers and Kindles… I wasn’t left with nothing to do, and for the next hour I sat reading the end of my current read, Between Planets by Robert A Heinlein, and was well into a collection of sci-fi shorts (Otherness, by David Brinn) when I took a breather and opened Facebook. All of my status stream was dusted over with the words of lovely Nimue Brown, telling the online world of her love for a new book (see title). Well, with such a recommendation from such an author and all-round good egg I popped off to Amazon to find the book had nine 5/5 reviews out of a total of 9 reviews! Clearly a book to be reckoned with.

So here we are. No sooner had I downloaded the book to my Kindle, the traffic started off at that annoyingly slow crawl that implies everyone is going to shove past you and dive in right at the last minute, leaving you effectively at the back of the queue, but remarkably too fast in fact to be able to read (if that was at all legal, which of course it isn’t so I didn’t…). So I’m back home now, one strong fresh grind espresso to the good, and ready to relax a little. Hey, I might even write a review of the book later!

One response to “Currently reading – Stealing Into Winter, by Graeme Talboys [Kindle Edition]”

  1. The power has gone to my head, and resulted in an alarming attack of the giggles! Tis a good book.


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