I knead the dough, man…

The re-discovery of proper bread has roller-coastered it’s way to today’s successful loaf! On the way there have been minor hiccups on the road to tasty comestibles… minor, although not entirely unhorrid [sic] disasters. Hasty emails to Miss at school, telling her of the over-salted bread of her sandwiches (too late), apologies for the ‘more yeast than flour’ attempt (although of course that was an exaggeration… probably) and confusion over bread flour and cake flour, and the soggy mess that entailed… what fun we’ve had.

I think I’m onto a reliable recipe now, with no additional bits of vitamin c tablet or extra sugar… basically, it’s a Delia job – flour, water, yeast, salt. The bread machine has been consigned to the back of the cupboard again, too, as the ancient Kenwood and dough hook is such a simple alternative. We now have a bread tin, and sometimes remember to butter it – which has the advantage of being able to get the loaf out! Give it a few more days, a week or two, and with a bit of confidence I’ll step out bravely into the land of buns, rolls and cheese and onion bread!

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