S J Tucker, Talis Kimberley et al at the Southbank Arts centre, Bristol

What a great night. Unencumbered by a huge audience, the vast majority of whom forgot to come and thereby missed the evening of the year, we sat and stood and danced the might away! It’s been a long time since I was last in Bemmie, and longer since I was last in the Southbank Arts Centre, which wasn’t called that when miss taught in the school next door! I only found out about this gig the day before, and frantically clutching my PayPal receipt I headed in.

Talis Kimberley is playing for us, alongside Paul Mitchell, at next months The Druid Network 2012 Conference (do come!), and although I had albums, and although I’d tried desperately to get to various gigs, we’d never previously met. I’m delighted to say Talis is lovely in every way. As for S J Tucker, her Blessings album is a particular favourite of mine, and it was wonderful to see her play in a local venue, in such an intimate setting.

Talis dueted with Chantelle Smith, who herself has a lovely voice, and SJ had brought along Betsy Tinner – who had brought along a beautiful carbon fibre cello called Raven. The barman played the bar top drums, and who’s to say when such a night will reoccur? Ace entertainment, and lovely folk.

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