The Druid Network supports Team Badger

How do you define the spirit of a place? What are the component parts that come together to produce that immersive understanding that here is a thing? Woodlands are not just trees.
How we treat our landscape defines us. As Druids, we come together in nature to experience, enhance and simply enjoy our connection with the gods, with deity. To honour that connection. To worship.
Humans change the environment. We always have; it is our nature. Today, more aware than generations past, we slowly begin to tread more lightly. Today, in a world we once thought we controlled, we feel our impact ever more keenly.
And now, our government is seeking to locally exterminate badgers. On the dubious allegation that they spread bTB, and on the false promise that their action will eradicate the disease in cattle, they plan to kill the majority of the badgers in large parts of England.
Most importantly, our government is promoting a cull that will cause pain and terror and a lingering death.
Humans say, “nature is red in tooth and claw”. And it often is. But we do not need to be brutal. We have, over the last decades, banned blood sports. We have concluded that barbaric acts upon living creatures are immoral.
It behoves us, as Druids, to stand up when unnecessary brutality is threatened – to walk through the battle and bring peace. And so, The Druid Network supports Team Badger; a coalition of organisations who have teamed up to fight the planned cull of badgers.
Petition Site
Team Badger site

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