Currently Reading – A Storm of Swords (Kindle)

Reading – A Storm of Swords (Kindle) – the full two book version – by George R R Martin

Rather inevitable, this. I’ve been loving every minute of this extended Game of Thrones saga. The characters are superbly developed, and there are so many characters! It truly needs a sit back and consider every now and then to work out who is related to whom, which family is currently in league with or at war with another, and why… Can’t wait for the second TV serialisation to become available on DVD.

In other news, I’m just back from a week in Birmingham, where I was on a fault finding and commissioning course with Cable and Wireless (soon no doubt to be renamed as ‘a Vodafone company’), on Ericsson OMS 1674 multiplexers – the last for me of a suite of CWW training packages for the new Operational Data Network at work. Just as I get home, miss goes off to Paris for a post-A-Level weekend of excess, and we have a Swiss student visiting for a fortnight.

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