Currently Reading – A Clash of Kings by George R R Martin (and Kindles)

A Clash of Kings by George R R Martin

I managed, in the end, to keep reading the first book ahead of the DVDs! It was a tight thing – I began watching the DVDs with Miss while I was still reading the book, but I kept ahead in the book so the DVD didn’t flavour (too much) the images from the book. At the same time, Miss began reading the book on her Kindle, so it was hard to synchronise our positions as we discussed the unfolding storyline.

Ah, Kindle… I really didn’t want to like the Kindle. I like books – big, papery, heavy, smelly books. The house is well stocked with bookshelves heaving with tomes from over the years, right back to old Enid Blytons and Biggles does Algy in Africa… But I was slowing down in my reading; in part that’s why I started writing about what I was reading, in order to see how many books I read in a year. Eventually I realised it was my eyesight, and started using glasses… When I took to the Android tablet, I started using it in bed, and then I started using the Kindle app… and found reading so much easier with slightly larger text.

I was halfway through A Game of Thrones when I had to send my tablet back for fettling, and couldn’t bring myself to go back to the tiny, blotchy text of the paperback I’d started with… and so, the Kindle Touch. I was quite pleased, as I managed to extract a free three year cover from the lad at Currys because I bought a fancy leather cover for it. And now I can’t put it down!

This sequence has all the potential of being as good as Robin Hobb‘s Farseer / Liveships /Tawny Man triple trilogy. And the DVDs of the HBO series one are tremedously good and accurate to the first novel – I can’t wait (we can’t wait) for series two.

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