Acer Iconia A500 Ice Cream Sandwich Sleep of Death

Per the title… I was thrilled to see the Ice Cream Sandwich update for my Google Android tablet coming across the wires. It’s good to know your tablet is supported by the latest incarnation of the Android software.

However, since the upgrade, the sleep of death has returned. I suffered with this when I first bought the tablet with Android 3 Honeycomb on it, but an update fixed it quite quickly. For those not in the know, the sleep of death takes place when the tablet suspends operations and goes into sleep mode… it simply never wakes up and the only recourse is to hold down the power button for about six seconds, until the tablet powers off, then restart it. One could cope if this was a daily event, but it’s not. It seems not everyone with the same tablet is so affected, so perhaps there’s a solution or something unique to my tablet such as a flakey app that I’m running.

This post is in the hope that someone will see it on a web search, who has the solution. Maybe Google, maybe Acer… maybe you.


There’re a few more folk popping up and declaring the same issue with their tablets now. It seems Acer are rolling out the update gradually, to blocks of tablets at a time rather than the whole lot at once. It may be there are far more problems out there than Acer currently understand. It may be that Iconia A500 users still on Honeycomb might like to hold off for a while…



After days spent resetting the damn thing to no avail I phoned Tech Support at Acer and they’ve called it back in for warranty repairs. On one level that’s great… on the other… HTF am I going to manage without my tablet! It’ll be like missing an arm!!!


[final edit]

I got my tablet back within the week. The fault report said they could not fix the fault and suspected a HDD fault…! As far as I know it doesn’t have a hard drive, only a flash memory pack, but even so they apparently replaced it. It came back with a vanilla Acer Honeycomb installation on it which I upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich within the hour. I’ve been reloading all my apps slowly over a fortnight or so, and nothing has gone wrong. I type this with some trepidation, but the tablet is working very well indeed under ICS. Not a single failure since it came back. Happiness.


One response to “Acer Iconia A500 Ice Cream Sandwich Sleep of Death”

  1. Interesting that there have been so many hits on my site following searches of “ICS SOD Acer A500” and variations…

    The tablet is now all wrapped up in cardboard, bubblewrap and brown paper, and ready to go. How will I manage?!


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