Currently Reading – Terry Pratchett: The Spirit of Fantasy, by Craig Cabell

Terry Pratchett: The Spirit of Fantasy, by Craig Cabell

Being a long time fan, I’ve got all the Discworld novels in hardback first editions (and not one of them signed, what a rarity!). I got this book as a welcome birthday present, and I’m looking forward to reading a bit more of the background to Sir PTerry…

… and having read it. I rather enjoyed it. In many ways it was as about Craig Cabell as it was PTerry in that it turned out to be a series of reviews of the books. It really, really made me want to sit down and read them all over again – which I’ll do at some stage, but the list has got so long now it’s a bit of a Forth Bridge thing (although I understand they’ve finished painting the bridge!). I have all of the main tomes in hardback first edition (except, I think, the first one) and some of the ancillary volumes like the Science of books.

Towards the end there was a very interesting monologue on the Altzeimers thing, and a huuuuge page stacker of an index, reading list and bibliography – which I found a bit tiresome. But a good read, and thanks for the pressie, Chezzie. 🙂

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