Hand of god

Someone said once that fish have no memory… try telling that to the buggers when I put the algae wafer into the tank! Nothing funnier than wafer rugby! The Silver Dollars will grip the end of the 3/4″ wafer and run about with it, chased by the others… ramming it into the glass of the aquarium to break bits off. The wafer’s not for them but for the bristle-nose cat-fish and the various Corydoras, but still…

So I was wondering… in the light of all the faff going on about religions and secularism in the UK… what do the fish think when it’s time to clean the tank, wash out the filters and replace the half-eaten planting? Do they see the hand of god? Or do they rationalise the remarkable changes that happen to them, and to their environment?

Day after day of the same old space, then one day the water stops moving, the light (which has for weeks gone from pitch night to bright day) goes oddly dim, then it comes… that awful, terrible hand – holding the holy scouring pad; death to nasty green algae build-up! For a time, all is chaos, then as the water clears… new plants! new fish! Hallelujah!

These thoughts keep me awake at night.

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