A Free Media

I can barely believe I’m kind of defending The Sun and the UK media, but as I type I’m reading about an apparently disproportionate police response to allegations of corruption, brown envelopes and bribes.

If it is true that more than 170 police were used in investigating the issue… if thirty or so journalists were arrested in dawn raids, each by up to ten policemen… then perhaps there’s more going on than a simple criminal investigation.

Clearly, from the Levison Inquiry into mobile phone hacking, the media has been exceeding it’s role. The backlash was perhaps inevitable. (Mind, is it really ‘hacking’ simply to ring the mobile number, get the voice-mail message and punch in the default access code that the doofus owner hasn’t bothered to change?)

What if the authorities… those shadowy ones behind the apparent power… suddenly realised from the Levison Inquiry that journalists were acting waaaaay beyond their remit… were not adequately governed… may even be researching into things they ‘ought not to’…?

Paranoia? Certainly. But then again does it really need ten policemen in a dawn raid to arrest one journalist? What’s he going to do, throw a typewriter at them?

I generally never buy a newspaper… they don’t actually have much real news in them any more… maybe a Motor Cycle News every now and then. But I can’t help thinking there’s a touch of the black hats going on here.

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