Preparation; the key to Sucess

And the lack of preparation, well you know how that ends up. After a productive morning’s Council work and a nice pre-lunch walk around the villages to fire the appetite I thought it was time to bring Pumpkin out of the garage for the first ride of the year – lovely blue sky and dry clean roads… not a lot of grit and salt down due to the unusually warm winter (so far). I probably thought about riding out yesterday, but the part of me that knew I should check the bike’s battery was still hibernating. Meh. Dead – ‘flatter than a witches tit’ is the normal phrase, although in fairness of course I know a few witches and it just ain’t so! Of course, I was fully suited up, booted and helmeted by the time I tried the key in the ignition.

On a happier note Miss and I went to see the Steve Tilston trio at Under The Edge Arts in Wotton last night. What a great gig! Cosy in the Chipping Hall, sat at the front and with a small bar and ‘family’ rules. I’d loved Steve’s work for a long time both for his own performances and for the songs he’s written that have been picked up by folk like Fairport Convention… but I didn’t know he’d written a book… which now sits on my ever growing to-read pile. His fellow musicians were the most excellent blues harpist Keith Warmington and Stuart Gordon – a violinist I’d not come across before. Wow! He’s a hell of an improv. violinist! Eyes firmly on Steve’s fret hand and a wonderfully expressive face, he kept up fast, accurate and utterly impressive improvisation over the melodies that I’m looking forward to seeing again. Nice to come across a new face (well, to me).

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