Farewell Auntie

Rosemary Gillett nee Crane (1928-2012)

Given I’m on the other side of the half century I’ve been happily blessed not to lose too many friends and relatives, but this morning my Auntie Rosemary journeyed across the divide, well into her eighties. As it happens, when the call came in we were getting ready for what we knew was the final visit. I’ll remember her most for acting in loco parentis when she, along with her husband Geoff, stood in for my parents when this then still closeted pagan married his wife in a Roman Catholic church for which my evangelical mother was ‘unavailable’. So, fine journey to you, lovely. Thanks for your blessing at our wedding and for all the other times too. Go well, and take a bit of us back with you as we hold memories of you back here.

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