So, ok. Last night we had a proper frost and it was -3ºC when I went out this morning, but it’s been such a mild winter! I just looked at the holly in the front garden and it’s still absolutely crammed with bright red berries – normally it would be stripped by the birds before the first week of December. Up the road there are mountains of road salt and grit, brought in by the county to keep the roads clear from the ice and snow that never was… It may still appear (I’m in no hurry, although it would kill off the garden pests that will otherwise plague our gardens later in the year). In the meantime it was a kind of return to normality to have to scrape the cars clear of frost before work.

Well into the New Year of 2012 and approaching Imbolc, it feels like the winter never came. If you follow the changing year by the calendar then everything’s fine – despite the, a-ha, end of the Mayan calendar Imbolc will come around on 1st February. I wonder, though, if by then I’ll feel it’s due, if the snowdrops will be out and lambs gambolling in the fields… or if I’ll wait a tad longer for spring to, er, spring.


One response to “Holly”

  1. We have the first snowdrops here today and some of those strangely coloured non native primroses too! Our holly was stripped way back at the beginning of December by the redwings, they decimated it within about three days, but yours is stunning.


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